C74-6502 TTL CPU

The C74-6502 is a cycle-accurate, pin-compatible implementation of the MOS 6502 microprocessor rendered in discrete logic. It may be configured to operate natively as a 6502, a 6510, or a 65C02 variant of the classic processor. An optional (and as yet untested) card adds support for a 24-bit address space (16 Mb), additional 65816 opcodes and a built-in SPI interface.


  • Cycle-accurate, pin-compatible 6502, 6510 & 65C02 operation
  • Implements all 6502 and 65C02 instructions and functions, including Decimal Mode
  • Supports NMOS 6502 Undocumented Opcodes
  • Includes an on-board 6-bit, bi-directional I/O port compatible with the MOS 6510 MPU
  • Custom 40-Pin Host Socket Adaptor
  • Compatible with TTL or CMOS Host Systems
  • Auxiliary Power Supply Connections
  • 0 to 20MHz clock-rate
  • Operating Voltage: 5V
  • Current Draw: 130mA at 1MHz, 750mA at 20MHz
  • Maximum clock-rate: 21MHz, at 5.6V, 1A current draw

Optional Card Enhanced Features (Untested)

  • 24-bit address bus
  • Additional 65816 instructions and addressing modes
  • Software-selectable instruction-sets
  • Built-in SPI interface and custom Opcode

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